Science Tools : Page 11

Together we create a mini flap book for 8 tools that students are required to know for 5th grade science.  As a group we decide what type of tool is it; does it measure something, is it for observations and we write that on the underside of the flap.  Then we come up with a definition for the tool as a group.

Science Tools : Page 10

After modeling 8 tools then the students work with a table partner to come up with description and definitions for the other 8 tools.

Wanda Ethridge
8/1/2013 07:44:42 am

I love what you've done with your interactive science notebook. Is there a way that I can get copies of EVERYTHING?

Thank you ,

Zondell Morris
8/18/2013 07:10:15 am

Hello Ms. Hastings, I really enjoyed perusing through your Science interactive notebook. I will be teaching 5th grade science for the first time this year and will need all the support I can get. Your notebook has me excited, is it possible for me to get electronic copies of the items to get me going this year. Thank you in advance, Zondell.

7/30/2014 02:59:12 am

I love your resources, and your notebook set up! I think it would be very helpful for the students!
Do you have electronic copies that you are willing to share, or that you sell on another site?

Alma M.
6/15/2016 09:45:28 pm

Love your ideas for the interactive journal. Can you send me a copy of it?

Judy S
8/14/2016 03:24:52 pm

I love the interactive notebook ideas that you have. Would it be possible for me to have an electronic copy??
Please and Thank you!!

10/9/2016 04:34:27 am

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