Today as a class we completed the logic puzzle in the picture.  These were our clues
1. Curtis used neither the graduate cylinder nor the measuring cup.
2.  Juan used a tool that had the 0mL mark at the top of it, rather than at the bottom.
3.  Kim's small tool had a maximum capacity of only a few milliliters
4.  Juan's liquid had a volume of 5 mL
5.  Orlando's tool was more precise than Amy's tool
6.  Curtis's liquid volume measurement was exactly 10 milliliters less than Amy's

After completeing this logic puzzle students rotated through 4 different science games.
1.  Dr. Dread Science Tools
2.  Test Tube Trivia
3.  Safety Dominos
4.  Hazards and Precautions

After playing each of the four games students were to create a game advertisement for their favorite game.

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