Pg. 53 - Forms of Energy Notes

Today we talked about how energy can be grouped into two catagories - Kinetic & Potential 

Students folded and read the "What is Energy" rubber band book from AIMS (we turned it into a comic strip instead)

Then they used this information to fill in the notes - also from AIMS

Pg. 52 - Forms of Energy Bridge Map

The next day for warm-up students were required to come complete the following bridge map with the
relating factor: produces/gives off

Samantha Toomey
10/21/2013 07:06:58 am

Great resources! I have been implementing the science notebook for a few years with some success. Your model is tremendously helpful. I was wondering which aims book your forms of energy book comes out of. I have Energy Explorations and it doesn't have anything about potential and kinetic energy. Thanks.


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