Density Column Lab - page 28 & 29

Today we built a density column to illustrate the property of density and buoyancy

The students were required to copy down the materials, procedure and their data table. 

Before we start each students picked up one paper clip, one plastic bead, one toothpick, one button, and one pom pom.  When they got back to their desk they had to predition if the item would sink or float in water.

After building the density bottles students were required to illustrate their density column by including all of the items we dropped into the bottles.  They also had to make sure to label all objects and liquid layers. 

Then to finish the activity they had 3 conclusion questions that had to be answered.

11/5/2012 07:30:40 am

Ms.Hastings is best science & social studies teacher in the world!!!

Ms. Hastings
11/8/2012 02:06:19 am

Thanks Adeoluwa!


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