States of Matter Foldable : Page 21

Today we created a foldable and discussed what happens to the different states of matter when you add or remove heat.

Inside the foldable we wrote what new state of matter we would change to, we definded that state of matter and drew a picture of what the molecules would look like in that state.

States of Matter Fill-In & Tree Map : Page 20

After creating our foldable we watched a brain pop video over the states of matter and the students completed this fill in activity.

After the video students folded their fill-in in half and glued it into their notebooks.  On the outside cover they created a tree map where they listed examples of the different states of matter.

1/20/2014 12:04:20 pm

I love how the foldable uses the correct vocabulary as well as a picture. This will work well for all learning styles.


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