Pg. 48 & 49 - Personal Reflection

Students were asked to choose 4 different activities/pages from the first part of their notebook which showed the best work.  Then they were required to score their notebook on an A-F scale for what they thought their notebook deserved and why.  To finish up their reflection they had to tell me what study skills they had learned from this notebook and something that they would like to change.

Pg. 50 - Parent Reflection

To include parents in the reflection process I ask that students take home their notebooks and go through it with a parent so that they can share what we have been doing in class.  I do not require that parent right anything but I sure do like it when they give me feedback.  I just ask that they sign the page acknowledging that they have seen the notebook.

Pg. 51 - Rubric

Since we spend so much time working in this notebook I do take a grade on it at the end of each nine weeks.  The way that my rubric works is I copy the table of contents and students can earn 0-2 points per page
2 = page is complete and colored
1 = the majority of page is complete
0 = the page is missing the required material

I also give points for appearance, reflection, and parent reflection

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Hi, Is there anyway you would share this rubric?


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