I have been browsing around on pinterest and have come across a lot of awesome pumpkin investigations....so I took what I liked from each one and made it my own. 

Today we completed a pumpkin investigation in the spirt of the fall season.  Students were asked to describe the physical properites of the inside and outside of the pumpkins.  They were aslo asked to estimate the number of seeds they woudl pull out.  We also took measurements of the circumference, weight and height of each pumpkin.  Finally they had to predict if their pumpkin would sink or float in water.

After the investigation we went back to the room to complete a poll over who did and didn't like the taste of pumpkin seeds (I gave them roasted and salted one from David, not from the pumpkin they were investigating).  Then they were required to create a flow map of the life cycle of a pumpkin after watching the following video.

8/31/2015 12:08:59 am

Do you have a link to the video for pumpkins?


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