Physical Properties : Page 19

Students were given a copy of this green sheet that gives examples of physical properties thatyou can use to describe matter.

Texture & Observations : Page 19

Underneath the green sheet we took notes over observations.  We made sure to note the difference between direct and indirect observations.  Since we are talking about using phsyical properties to describe matter we also made sure to define matter.

The hand was a way do discuss different types of textures that items can have. 

Describing Matter Using Physical Properties : Pg 18

After reviewing ways to describe matter. We did an activity where students wrote "clues' to describe each item.  We described the marshmallow together as a class.  Then they described the fruit loops with a partner. Finally they had to describe the hershy kisses on their own.

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Where did you get the sheets that you show in your journal?


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