Pg. 43 - Will, Bill, & Phil - Net Forces

Will, Bill & Phil are brothers who own a furniture moving company.  Sometimes they work well together, and sometimes they do not.  When two of the brothers push on the same object, their combined force can either add together or subtract from each other.  The net force is the total strength of these forces.  Sometimes the object will move, and other times it will not.  Which direction it moves depends on how strong of a force the brothers use to push on the object.

Students were required to match each description and picture showing the brothers moving the bookcases with the correct type of force.

Pg. 42 - Newton's Laws

First the students and I discussed Newton's three laws of motion and took a few notes over each.  We then watch the video for Newton's laws of motion to reinforce what we had just talked about.  In order to demonstrate Newton's 1st Law students were given a plastic cup, a coin, and an index card.  Their objective was to get the coin into the cup with out lifting or tilting the index card. 

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