Measurement Stations 1-3 : Pg 16

Station 1:
Students were to record the amount of liquid in 3 graduated cylinders and 3 beakers.

Station 2:
Students were to calculate the displacement of two different cubes

Station 3:
Students picked 3 different objects from around the room and measured their length in centimeters and inches

Measurement Stations 4-8 : Pg 17

Station 4
Students found the temperature of 3 different cups of water (room temp water, ice water, and salty ice water)

Station 5:
Students found the mass of 3 different cubes udint the triple beam balance

Station 6:
Students found the weight of one cude using 3 different non linear measurement standards

Station 7:
Students looked through the microscope at a slide of a fish scale and a slide of a feather and draw what they see

Station 8
Students used their senses to describe a peppermint

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