Pg. 61 - Electrical Energy Notes

Pg. 60 - Pathfinders Lab

Students then completed the AIMS activity called Pathfinders.  They were given a sheet with 9 different circuits and they had to test each one and decide if it went in Lights R' Us or Sparky's Fix It Shop.   On the outside they had to describe how they would fix each of the circuits that were in Sparky's Fix It Shop to make them work.

10/1/2013 02:38:02 pm

I am really impresed with your blog.

2/15/2014 01:49:35 pm

Wow. You have some really good ideas.
I would like to use some of them.
I wish the pictures could be make larger so that I could read what was written on the pages.

Isabel Guevara
3/3/2016 03:23:36 am

Is there any way that you can share these pictures, like made them larger? You have some really good/great ideas!


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