Safety Rules : Page 9

We start the year with Science Safety Rules and make sure to include a copy in our journals.  This year after discussing the rules on this sheet we completed the Where's Safe-T activity from AIMS Education.

Why are Safety Rules Important : Page 8

Then students are required to write a letter to me with 3 reasons why Safety Rules are important and explain.
We also go over what kind of activites will go on the right side pages of the notebook.  The right side of the notebook (the "input" side) is used for recording class notes, discussion notes, or reading notes.  Typically, all "testable" information is found on this side.  The right side is an excellent place for teachers to model how to think graphically by using illustrated outlines, flow charts, annotated slides, T-charts, and other graphic organizers.  You can find a copy of this Right Side page here.